Pioneer DJ launches new all-in-one DJ system XDJ-RX2

Introduction.The Pioneer DJ have extended their great love for music lovers yet again. This is evidenced by the fact that they have released the most recent type of DJ system. This saw the Pioneer DJ announce new all-in-one DJ system. The new system is an all-in-one going by the name XDJRX2. Music lovers have confirmed that the system is much advanced since it has improved features.

Ideal features of the XDJRX2 DJ system

It comes with a touchscreen which is 7- inch in size.The system is well fitted with two USB port aimed at enhancing its reliability. The design of multiple colors at the deck pads makes it an ideal system when it comes to controlling musical effects. It has up to 16 deck pads.

Why the XDJRX2 is superior

As compared to older versions and other competitor systems, the XDJRX2 has the best feature for you. These include a set of two combo-jack inputs designed for microphones. With 1/4 -inch booth jack and other amazing features make it possible to be used as a stand-alone mixture. This feature is not possible in many of the competitor systems. The presence of the 7-inch screen makes it possible to preview videos when you are using a Rekordbox DJ video. The quality of the system lays within its performance.

It is designed with eight distinct colors at its 16 deck pads. It also comes with a license key for specialized DJ performance application as well as an inbuilt sound card.The physical layout is perfectly organized to create a fantastic appearance. Conclusion .The best option for quality music is the XDJRX2 all-in-one DJ system. To all that have plans for upgrading their DJ systems, then this is a perfect choice. The fact that the XDJRX2 system comprises almost all the superior features is enough for you to get one today. The price is friendly pocket considering all the advanced features in the package. Quality for your money is highly guaranteed.

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