Let it Roll
  Flying Low
  Everythings Fine

Let it Roll

From A Distant Shore

I landed here in country
With my nations guns and flags
I’ve been here three weeks now maybe more
Tomorrow they will ask us
To take that stand of trees
The fear I feel inside my chest
Is the same as my enemy’s

There is a stutter in my lungs
And a chatter in my breathing
I’m engaged to be married to the method of my leaving
I’m rarely found in situations that cause me to deliver
Tonight I’ll stay awake and write you
To keep me from the shivers

If you were a friend, I‘d want to save you pain
If you were a lover, I’d do the same
If we were joined,
 I’d want to capture stars
Let them loose inside your chest
Forever keep you warm

Tomorrow I’ll meet my maker
My body broken on the shore
I’ll ask for my forgiveness and then for nothing more
Every night you lay awake for now and ever more
My breath will be the breeze you feel
From a distant shore

Give me hope give me light
Let the dawn follow night
I will stay awake until
There is nothing left to see

Lady of the Snowline

Before I fade thin
And cast a shadow no more
Before the dark hour
I’ll pass here once more

Take a walk in the sun
With the breeze in your hair
And remember the time
I walked with you there

Roll me down to the water
Lay me down by the shore
Let the water hold me over
‘Til I find my way home

There’re many toils and troubles
That lead us to this place
The memory’s made sweeter
By these days filled with grace


Before I fade thin
And cast a shadow no more
Before the dark hour
I’ll pass here once more

Flying Low

Sheri has an itch that needs to be scratched
Carlos has a contract where he watches her back
there’s pleasure to be had in running up against the wheel
it’s not for nothing the scars never seem to heal

Johnny found God behind the Taco Bell
The voice rang true amidst the chemical smell
Day after day he went back for the call
A whisper to a murmur and finally nothing at all.

There’s solace in the voices running down the wire
There’s faith born in the patience that living requires
There’s more power in the arrow that is left in the quiver
There’s always time for nothing and nothing lasts forever

I dreamed I saw Angels flying low
They encompass all that’s good or so I’m told
x 2

At night I dream that I shift the moments and faces
And pieces that brought me here
By day I learn to sift through the wreckage
A scavenger without shame or fear

 little children rail against an early bed
and me, I just try to drown the voices in my head.
I take whatever means will get me through the night.
And place myself against the artificial light

Mary dreams an ocean filled up her veins
James is king of everything inside his head
Harry has an answer for the hamsters in the wheel
There’s little time for anything and everything is real

I dreamed I saw the Angels flying low
They encompass all that’s good or so I’m told
I dreamed I saw the Angels flying low
They encompass all that is good I suppose
I suppose


She’s all tied up
I’ve come undone
We’re breaking down
We’re on the run

Warm head, cold heart
The skin unused
I’ve lost the faith
But so have you

I’m missing all the in betweens
The contracts that we make
I’ve gained and lost the figurines
That move us forward in my head

Yeah alright
The sun is shinning
Yeah alright
It’s a brand new day
Yeah alright
There’s always tomorrow
That’s the best
That I can say

I’m jumping off tomorrow
I’m making up my mind
There’s consequence and sorrow
But it will heal in time

Let It Roll

Between a rusty old cage
And a crown made of old
There’s a paper mache
Cross painted gold
Up on the hill
Wild flowers still bloom
Red poppies like tears
Beneath a cold dead moon
Let it roll

There’s one for the taking
Down by the riverside
She’ll never be thinking
It was her lover’s pride
There’s one for the rolling
Down off of the ledge
Into the briars
To sleep with the dead
Let it roll

Hung up in sunrise
With a crown made of thorns
The windows are mirrored
Like the eyes of the lord
Between the high water
And a black-tooth nail
One night of whiskey
Is worth a lifetime in hell
Let it roll

Nothing for nothing
Your God’s a pretender
There’s no room in Heaven
Now or hereafter
There’s nothing to dying
Except a ropes soft whisper
I did what I did
And I’ll do it again
We weep and we moan
We weep and we moan
Give me a stack of your best bibles
I’ll raise my right hand and
Let it roll


Freshly tuned
And finely scarred
This rare kiss
As sad as snow
And I wait for the sound
Of the wind and the rain
And I try to spell out
The letters of my name

Fragile boned
And cradle bound
This small matter
Turns to breach
All that shudders
And all that matters
Turns to grieve
And we sit
Sit in sunlight
Made simple by the clouds
And we cancel
All our blind spots
No one needs to know how

Broken codes
And busted statues
This soft embrace
I listen closely
To hear what matters
In the walls of your chest
And we sit
Sit in sunlight
Made dumb by the wind
And we cast out
Cast out shadows
No one needs
To know our name
Mary of the Angles

Bright lights
Little city
It’s a dusty old town
The lights all look pretty
When your sky ward bound
I’m sitting in the window seat
Wondering when I’ll see clouds

Mary of the Angels, Mary of the angels
Mary of the Angels, calls to me

With a blessing for a mouth
And big blue eyes
A generous laugh
Always takes me by surprise
I hold in my memory
Every goodbye kiss


Every time that I leave
I look forward to coming home
I know that sounds small
But sometimes small things matter most
There’s a hole inside of me
That only you seem to fill



There’s a big bird flying low
Across the open plain
There’s a big wheel turning round
Where I left your name

We could turn this car around
Admit to a mistake
Find another road
But they all look the same

All I want to do
All I want to do
Is rise
All I want to do
Is put clothes on the skeleton

It’s no good just standing there
The door is kicked
The lock is blown
Half of everything is gone
From half of everything I own
There;s an element of truth
 in all that’s said and done
when there’s nothing left to lose
like new clothes for a skeleton