KRK Launches V-series 4 White Noise Studio monitors

For approximately five years now, KRK has been the go-to brand for many. Be it the home-studio producer or a full-time sound engineer, KRK is the favorite for all! Announcing the soon to be released V4 white studio monitors, KRK is all set to break the competition with a whole new addition to the acclaimed V-series lineup, the preferred studio speakers for a whole multitude of producers. Here are some of the features that you’ll love about the KRK V4 S4’s –

Features to Absolutely adore:

The front port bass reflex enclosure is an entirely optimized design that features 4″ bass and a 1″ high freq. speakers, loaded with KRK’s unique design Kevlar tweeter + the Kevlar woofer (woven). The Bi-amped class D amplification is sure to shake the ground! Featuring acoustic and the desk loading correction for Low-frequency EQ’s and Mid’s and High’s freq. equalization, you’re sure to get the perfect production and precise equalization experience. The to-point input levels attenuation switch and standby, ground level lift, input sensitivity switch along with the logo LED selectors are some of the highlights of this model, which are sure to keep the rivals feeling the heat. It also includes a protective grill for free mobile broadcast apps and is completely secured with a fortified EVA pad (foam made) for non-skid plus acoustic isolation. The universal thread mounting bracket points and friction locker, Neutrik combination for both XLR and TRS makes sure you never have to buy extra connectors or change your input cables.

Technical Specs
The KRK V4 white studio monitors are the perfect addition to your home studio set up. Here are some of the technical specs you should consider before buying these impeccable monitors-

– Two-way configuration
-Active studio monitor system type
-4″ cast aluminum frame with Kevlar cone and ferrite magnet woofer for low freq.’s
-1″ Tweeter with Kevlar dome and ferrite magnet for high freq.’s
-50Hz- 28kHz frequency range with 58Hz- 19kHz frequency response.
-85 Watts of power output (Low – 55), (High- 30)

All in all, the new V4 white monitors are yet another grand edition to the already incredible V-series 4 lineup. We’re sure with the release dates approaching soon; the music market is going to know KRK means business.

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